Toilet Bowl Liner CareBagĀ® Hygienic Bag for Dry Toilet, Case 360

Item Number: C9538534CS by Carebag

A poly bag with gel pad that is placed into collection pan or bedpan. Absorbs odors and solidifies up to 500ml or liquids, urine or feces into gel. Liner can be closed by the drawstring closure and disposed like a diaper. Keeps collection vessels clean and reduces HAI. Sized to fit commodes. Can be used as a dry commode in instances where there is no water supply.

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  • Safe and convenient collection, transport and disposal of body fluids
  • Minimizes risk of hospital acquired infections
  • Includes absorbent gel pad in plastic bag with drawstring ribbon closure
  • Absorbs up to 16 oz of organic liquids
  • Use as a dry toil


Length 25.5 in. Packaging Length 16.25 in.
Width 15.75 in. Packaging Width 14.1 in.
Height 0.25 in. Packaging Height 14.5 in.
Product Weight 30.8 lbs. Package Volume 1.9 cu. in.
Outside Packaging 16.25x14.1x14.5 in. Shipping Weight 31 lbs.
Latex n Product Assembly no
Primary Material PE Primary Color white
U of M case Unit Quantity 360
Capacity 1 L    

Special Usage

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