ERGO VIP shower chair ERGOVIP shower chair

Item Number: A1642029 by Aquatec

Introducing the ERGOVip tilt-in-space shower commode chair. A new and more ergonomic design encourages a more upright and stable seating positon. A new tilt motion, shifts center of gravity without use of a gas cylinder. Moving downward and forward, the tilt motion makes the tilt smoother and reduces the overall footprint of the chair without affecting stability. This also results in reduced tilt force for the caregiver and increased tilt range -5°-40°.  The reduced footprint easily manoevers in tight spaces. Allows the chair to get closer to the wall to better position the seat opening over a toilet. 

The seat plate has a 5° pre-tilt, or lift at the knee for a more natural, squat position for toileting. Also a new shape for the seat plate is based on the imprint left behind while seated.(see pressure mapping diagram) This reduces pressure on genitals and bony prominences. Optional overlays add cushion depth, reduced commode openings or create a solid seat for showering. Transfer supports at front of seat allow the user to position themselves into a more comfortable position for toileting and/or showering. 

ERGO shower chairs are manufactured from corrosion-free, stainless steel. Improved caster design reduces dirt collection in the axle area. The collection pan rail holds the pan closer to avoid splatters. the pan has volume markings inside and a convenient hook on the handle holds the lid when not in use. The chair can be cleaned in an autoclave at 80°-90°C. Cleaning instructions are noted in the manual. 

ERGOVIP seat is height adjustable from 18.5" - 23.4", armrests can be adjusted from 8.3"/9.8"/11.3" from seat. Head support is height adjustable with turn of a knob. Optional head support tube offers additional length. Footrests are height adjustable 12.4-18.2" from seat. Foot plate has adjustable fabric heel loops and plate is angle adjustable. The machine-washable, coated-nylon upholstery has 5 straps to adjust for tauntness or more slack to increase seat depth. 

The ERGO line has many accessories to enhance the features of the chair, including optional seat overlays, positioning laterals, belts, calf supports, back supports and upholsteries. Many of the accessories for the ERGO are also compatible with the Ocean line. 


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~ Upright and stable seating position

~ Contoured, ergonomic seat plate

~ Flexible design

~Weight shifting tilt


Length 85.8" in. Packaging Length 28 in.
Width 22" in. Packaging Width 24 in.
Height 46.8" in. Packaging Height 25 in.
Product Weight 51.8 LB lbs. Package Volume 9.72 cu. in.
Outside Packaging 28x24x25 in. Shipping Weight 83 LB lbs.
Latex n Product Assembly yes
Primary Material stainless steel Primary Color white
U of M each Unit Quantity 1
Capacity 330 LB lbs.    
Grip Length in. Height Above Bedframe in.
Width Between Arms/Handles 17.7" in. Fits Diameter in.
Seat Width 18.7" in. Back Height in.
Back Width 18.7" in. Seat Depth 18.7" in.
Seat to Footrest 12.4"-18.2" in. Backrest Angle -5 - 40°
Height Seat to Floor 18.5" - 23.4 in. Seat Angle
Dimensions (Folded) in.    

Special Usage

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Warranty Information

Manufacturer provides a two year warranty against manufacturing defects from date of original purchase. Excludes soft seat and upholstery, also damage due to wear and tear or abuse.

Warranty covers oceans.