Foot and Ankle Brace Set 2 -with pad Orthoflex inflatable splint for foot and ankle

Item Number: OF729001588053 by Orthoflex

Inflatable splint for support of foot and ankle. Can be used by emergency medics and for pre and post op. Supports foot and ankle in physiological plantigrade position. Stabilizer pad stops foot rotation at night. Useful for fractures, injuries, diseases, pre/post op when rigid immobilization by casting is not desired.  Quickly appliled, easily adjusted and removed. Orthoflex braces are translucent to radiologic imaging. No need to disturb the injury for x-rays. Splint is washable and can be gas sterilized for reuse. Packed in cloth bag for flat storage. 

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Lightweight, inflatable splint

Invisible for radiological imagaing

Support foot and ankle 

Easilyl appllied and removed

Adjust inflation for rigidity


Length 11 in. Packaging Length 12 in.
Width 6.5 in. Packaging Width 12 in.
Height 14 in. Packaging Height 3 in.
Product Weight 0.75 lbs. Package Volume 0.7 cu. in.
Outside Packaging 12X12X3 in. Shipping Weight 2.15 lbs.
Latex n Product Assembly assembly
Primary Material woven nylon Primary Color grey
U of M each Unit Quantity 1

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Warranty Information

Manufacturer provides a one Year warranty against manufacturing defects from date of original purchase. Excludes damage due to wear and tear or abuse.

Warranty covers parts, grabs, paraplis, ramp, toilevator, arco, mrail, dst, ottobock.