Starfish Armrest Back Sz 1 Armrest Sz1 Stargish

Item Number: Z689461 by Zitzi Starfish Pro

The Starfish armrest mounts to the back column. It is height adjustable along the column. Each side is independently width adjsutable on the back tube. Easily move pieces and tighten the knob.. Each pad can be moved for depth adjustment. Fits chassis size 1

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~ Height and width adjustable


Length in. Packaging Length in.
Width in. Packaging Width in.
Height in. Packaging Height in.
Product Weight 3.5 lb lbs. Package Volume cu. in.
Outside Packaging in. Shipping Weight 4lb lbs.
Latex n Product Assembly yes
Primary Material stainless steel Primary Color black
U of M pair Unit Quantity 2
Capacity 265 lb, lb.    

Special Usage

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Warranty Information

Manufacturer provides a one Year warranty against manufacturing defects from date of original purchase. Excludes damage due to wear and tear or abuse.

Warranty covers parts, grabs, paraplis, ramp, toilevator, arco, mrail, dst, ottobock.