Aquatec Major Blue Water Powered Full Platform Bathlift

Item Number: A152112 by Major

Effective October  2018 Aquatec will no longer produce the Major. Orders can be accepted until mid September. Before we quote a new Major we will ask you if the quote can be converted to order in time. 

For over 25 years, Aquatec has provided safe bathing options for generations of users. The Aquatec Major is a full-length platform bathlift. It provides a bathing platform for youth or adult bathers who cannot be placed in a seated position. The Major is ideal for group facilities where bathers have a variety of special bathing needs. With a capacity of over 330 lbs, the Major can be an option for individuals too heavy for other bath seats or lifts. You can accessorize with one of 4 back supports, 2 reclining models and 2 models with adjustable side wings for upper body support. Major is water powered, the connection is made at a shower pipe, diverter or diverter spout.

The platform sits in the tub and raises and lowers by two bladders that fill with water. Connection is made by hose and quick disconnect to the water source, at the shower pipe or diverter on the faucet. While raising the bladders fill and lift the platform to the top. Lowering the water is discharged into the tub and the platform lowers to less than 3" from the tub floor. While using the lift, water must be turned on but valves in the quick disconnect prevent water from flowing from the faucet. 

In the Major video below, some scenes show the Aquatec Minor which is no longer available. But the accessories shown are all available with the Major. Covers come in blue. 

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  • Custom sized to tubs up to 38" wide
  • Blue mesh cover


Length 60.00 in. Packaging Length 60 in.
Width 30.00 in. Packaging Width 16 in.
Height 16.00 in. Packaging Height 12 in.
Product Weight 40-60 lb lbs. Package Volume 6.6 cu. in.
Outside Packaging 60x16x12 in. Shipping Weight 58 lbs.
Latex n Product Assembly required
Primary Material PLASTIC Primary Color blue
U of M each Unit Quantity
Capacity 330 lbs.    
Grip Length in. Height Above Bedframe in.
Width Between Arms/Handles in. Fits Diameter in.
Seat Width custom in. Back Height in.
Back Width in. Seat Depth custom in.
Seat to Footrest in. Backrest Angle °
Height Seat to Floor 16 in. Seat Angle °
Dimensions (Folded) custom in.    

Special Usage

  • Testimonials and special usages in paragraph form to come.

Warranty Information

Manufacturer provides a three year warranty against manufacturing defects from date of original purchase. Excludes suction cups and covers. Hand control is warranted for 2 years. Excludes damage due to wear and tear or abuse.

Warranty covers aquatec.