Vomit Bag CareBagĀ® Hygienic Bag for Personal Use, Case 420

Item Number: C7733987CS21 by Carebag

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GSA Approved Product

How far is the restroom when you get that sudden “I feel sick” sensation? Don’t worry about it anymore: the CareBag® Vomit Bag from Cleanis will effectively catch and contain all vomit mess and spare you the trouble of cleaning up your clothes, car, carpet or floor! It is a medical grade bag equipped with a unique super absorbent pad which turns up to 16oz of emesis into a gel within seconds. Designed for both children and adults, it is the ideal solution for people subject to motion sickness, pregnancy, vertigo, post-surgery, chemotherapy etc. 

Have one with you at all times!

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  •  The super absorbent pad turns all body fluids into a gel
  •  Never clean up vomit again
  • No more awful smell
  •  Easily fits in a glove compartment or a purse
  • Best value on the market
  • Discrete and easy to use


Length 9.7 in. Packaging Length 30.1 in.
Width 9.7 in. Packaging Width 14.5 in.
Height 0.25 in. Packaging Height 6.5 in.
Product Weight 24 lbs. Package Volume 1.64 cu. in.
Outside Packaging 30.1x14.5x6.5 in. Shipping Weight 24 lbs.
Latex n Product Assembly no
Primary Material PE Primary Color white
U of M case Unit Quantity 420
Capacity 1 L    

Special Usage

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Warranty Information

Manufacturer provides a 30 day warranty against manufacturing defects. Shelf life is 5 years, expiration date is printed on each carton.

Warranty covers cleanis.