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When our standard Dolomite rollators don't quite meet your needs, ask about a custom unit. We'll combine accessories to build an extraordinary rollator just for you . Using the worksheet give us information about specific needs for handles, brakes and grips. Add forearm pads to a shorter frame. One hand braking from left, right or center. It is important to have information about your client, height, weight and measurements from floor to we can choose or suggest the best options. 

Our Alpha is the rehab model with forearm pads. It only comes in one size, 24" seat height and 275 lb. capacity. Sometimes we get requests for a forearm supported rollator for someone smaller or someone heavier than the capacity of the Alpha. That is when we will quote a custom Dolomite, based on a different frame. From our worksheet, choose the walker model and size. Then pick the brake style needed. Choose a grip or arm pad if needed. Slow down brakes add some confidence that a walker won't roll too fast. Bags or trays can be included in the build.

Once we receive the worksheet, a custom quote will be prepared. Please note custom units are not returnable. Review all parts of the quote. When we receive the purchase order we will assemble a custom Dolomite for you. Allow us 2-3 days to build your rollator. Once shipped some assembly may be required. We attempt to pre assemble as much as possible and still be able to ship with ground services. 

Not all accessories can be incorporated on all Dolomite models. And we sometimes meet a person who exceeds our specs. We'll inform you if we cannot accommodate your requests or make an alternate suggestion to meet your needs. Capacity will depend on rollator model chosen. Note we use only existing Dolomite components, we do not manufacture parts to fit.

Some components require alterations to fit different models than intended. Please do not order separate parts without conferring with technical or the engineer first. 

Photos shown are some of the custom units we have built. Manuals for the base model will be included along with any special instructions for assembly, adjustment or maintenance. 

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~Customized for your specific needs

~ Alternate braking on smaller frames

~ Forearm platform with one hand braking. 


Length in. Packaging Length in.
Width in. Packaging Width in.
Height in. Packaging Height in.
Product Weight lbs. Package Volume cu. in.
Outside Packaging in. Shipping Weight lbs.
Latex n Product Assembly yes
Primary Material Primary Color
U of M Unit Quantity
Grip Length in. Height Above Bedframe in.
Width Between Arms/Handles in. Fits Diameter in.
Seat Width in. Back Height in.
Back Width in. Seat Depth in.
Seat to Footrest in. Backrest Angle °
Height Seat to Floor in. Seat Angle °
Dimensions (Folded) in.    

Special Usage

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