Curtain For Visual Screen

Item Number: R14061208 by Mobeli

When you need some privacy or to contain splashes in the shower, this curtain is used with the shower arm. Includes curtain rings to slide onto arm. White washable fabric.

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  • White vinyl curtain with rings
  • Washable


Length 46.8 in. Packaging Length 9.75 in.
Width 31.2 in. Packaging Width 9.75 in.
Height 0.13 in. Packaging Height 2 in.
Product Weight 0.06 lbs. Package Volume 0.11 cu. in.
Outside Packaging 9.75x9.75x2 in. Shipping Weight 1 lbs.
Latex n Product Assembly required
Primary Material PVC Primary Color white
U of M each Unit Quantity

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