CAREBAG Bedpan Liner CareBagĀ® Hygienic Bag for Bedpans, Case 360

Item Number: C7711141CS18 by Carebag

A bedpan brings convenience to its user but who likes to clean it up after use? Rest assured, the CareBag® Bedpan Liner will effectively collect and contain any body fluids and better yet: they will be turned into a gel! This is made possible thanks to the super absorbent pad provided inside each bag. When the patient is done performing body functions, the bag is to be sealed using the easy drawstring closure system and disposed of appropriately: Say goodbye to spillage, awful smell and hand cleaning of the bedpan!


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  • Safe and convenient collection, transport and disposal of body fluids
  • Minimizes risk of hospital acquired infections
  • Includes absorbent gel pad in plastic bag with drawstring ribbon closure
  • Absorbs up to 16 oz of organic liquids• Never clean a bedpan again!
  • Body fluids turn into a gel: no spills & splashes!
  • No more awful smell once liner is sealed
  • Recommended solution for the prevention of bodily fluids nosocomial infection*
  • Best value on the market
  • Hospital approved medical grade bag
  • Fits over most bedpans
  • Improves comfort for patient, caregiver and family member


Length 23.6 in. Packaging Length 16.25 in.
Width 15.75 in. Packaging Width 14.1 in.
Height 0.25 in. Packaging Height 14.4 in.
Product Weight 32 lbs. Package Volume 1.9 cu. in.
Outside Packaging 16.25x14.1x14.4 in. Shipping Weight 32 lbs.
Latex n Product Assembly no
Primary Material PE Primary Color white
U of M case Unit Quantity 360
Capacity 1 L    

Special Usage

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Warranty Information

Manufacturer provides a 30 day warranty against manufacturing defects. Shelf life is 5 years, expiration date is printed on each carton.

Warranty covers cleanis.