Long Brace Set 1 Orthoflex inflatable splint for entire leg from heel to thigh and the upper limb

Item Number: OF729001588044 by Orthoflex

The brace supports entire leg from heel to thigh and the upper limb. Contains a well-leg strap suitable for first aid support of all levels of injury to the 4 limbs. Includes folded splint and stabilizer to support the foot, ankle, calf, knee, and upper limb. Adjusts to shape of limb, joint, or other body parts, while allowing free blood circulation and ventilation to reduce swelling of area. Immobilizes injuries above the knee and provides effective de-rotation stabilization for hip and femur-neck fractures. Brace is lightweight and inflatable for rapid application. Does not need removed for x-rays due to transparency. Absorbs jolting from movement to prevent further pain and injury. Easy to clean and remove by physician, nurse, or patient. Clean using standard antiseptic soap such as chlohexidine or gas sterilized.

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Light and flexible


Invisible in x-rays

Optimal suitability to the lower limb

Economical in storage 


Length 11.5 in. Packaging Length 12 in.
Width 5.5 in. Packaging Width 12 in.
Height 27 in. Packaging Height 3 in.
Product Weight 1 lbs. Package Volume cu. in.
Outside Packaging 12X12X3 in. Shipping Weight 2.15 lbs.
Latex n Product Assembly assembly
Primary Material nylon Primary Color grey
U of M ea Unit Quantity 1

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