Dynamic Stair Trainer Triple Pro Step, incline trainer with computer

Item Number: DST8000 Triple Pro by DST

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GSA Approved Product

DST8000 Triple Pro incorporates stairs, incline, and parallel bars in one apparatus for your therapy room. Electronically elevating staircase rises from flat plane to 6,5"  Other side has a walking surface that rises to 26° angled incline.. Height adjustable hand rails give you parallel bar practice. One unit in your clinic allows patients to practice steps, slopes and gait training without changing equipment. Start stair training at a height based on patient's ability today, increase as they progress. You can just as easily lower the steps to assist a patient off if the need arises. 

For the professional in your clinic the DST8000 Triple Pro has an on-board computer to record patients sessions and progress. The data collected measures time to walk across a parallel bar, step height and time it takes to climb, slope degree and time it takes to walk the platform. Data can be measured against individual patient's sessions or compare to other patients in the clinic with similar attributes; age, pathology and treatment duration. 

The data creates a DST factor  which summarizes the patients status and estimates future improvement. A DST has been shown to increase patient motivation, initiate step therapy sooner in the rehabilitation process, Now you can collect data to illustrate that progress. Center column display step height. 

The DST operates on 120V power, no special outlet required. A hand control moves the center column up and down lifting both steps and ramp side. Hand rails are adjusted by screw knobs at sides, from 25.6" to 36.6" high.from platform. Rails are 10 foot long for parallel bar use. Walking surface in flat is 9.8 foot. Three steps rise to 6.5". Shipped in black and grey. Custom paint color is available.

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~ Both steps and incline

~Onboard computer records sessions

~ 11 foot parallel bars


Length 9.8' in. Packaging Length in.
Width 5.2' in. Packaging Width in.
Height 5.4' in. Packaging Height in.
Product Weight 594 lb lbs. Package Volume cu. in.
Outside Packaging in. Shipping Weight 816 lb. lbs.
Latex no Product Assembly yes
Primary Material steel Primary Color black
U of M each Unit Quantity 1
Capacity 440 lb. lb    

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Warranty Information

Manufacturer provides a one Year warranty against manufacturing defects from date of original purchase. Excludes damage due to wear and tear or abuse.

Warranty covers parts, grabs, paraplis, ramp, toilevator, arco, mrail, dst, ottobock.