Dynamic Stair Trainer 8000-PRO Electronic stair training

Item Number: DST8000P by DST

We encounter steps everywhere,home work,shopping, Stairways, curbs, even climbing into transportation. DST in your therapy clinic can help your patients acheive their therapy goals faster. For the first time stair training can be monitored and documented. The computer onboard the DST8000Pro displays patients past and current performance. Recorded data includes treatment dates, height of stairs at each treatment, time for patient to ascend and descent the steps. Create a DST Factor to summarize patient potential for improvement. 

The DST has electronically elevating steps and can be set to patient's current ability. Steps can be adjusted in 1 cm increments to a maximum of 16.5cm (6.5") height. A hand control raises and lowers the steos. The column at top platform will show the current setting. Patients can use the digital display to build confidence. You can easily lower steps to assist a patent who cannot continue.  Adjust steps for each patiern and each session. Mastering the small steps will build confidence to complete the therapy sessions. Studies show that the DST can reduce hospiital time, get your patients moving independently and home faster. 

Hand rail adjusts for height from 26.5"-38.5". Non-slip tread on steps and platform. Accessories can enhance your therapy potential with long hand rails, adjustable ramps and width-adjustable handrails.

Ask about ordering your DST in custom colors to match decor or local sports team. 

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~Monitors patient performance

~Generates progress reports


Length 98.5 in. Packaging Length 83" in.
Width 35.5" in. Packaging Width 42" in.
Height 63" in. Packaging Height 25" in.
Product Weight 645 lb lbs. Package Volume 56.5 cu cu. in.
Outside Packaging 83"x42"x28" in. Shipping Weight 970 lb lbs.
Latex n Product Assembly yes
Primary Material steel Primary Color grey
U of M each Unit Quantity 1
Capacity 685 lb    

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Warranty Information

Manufacturer provides a one Year warranty against manufacturing defects from date of original purchase. Excludes damage due to wear and tear or abuse.

Warranty covers parts, grabs, paraplis, ramp, toilevator, arco, mrail, dst, ottobock.