News & Awareness

Introducing Starfish children’s shower chair

We are happy to introduce a new pediatric shower/commode chair. Zitzi Starfish Pro comes in 3 sizes with 6 chassis styles. It is a brand new design from Anatomic SITT in Germany. The seat frame and varied accessories have a wide adjustment range so Starfish can grown with your child. 

Invacare I-Class Paddle Walkers on GSA contract

You can now find several of the I-Class Paddle Walkers on Federal Supply Schedule contract V797P2067D. Clarke Health Care is your source for an individual box of the I-Class with 5" front wheels. Making it convenient for shipping directly to the Veteran. This walking aid is also available in a 4 pack. 

LIke us on our new Facebook page

Clarke HCP has a new facebook page.  We welcome your quesitons about the product lines. We will use this format to bring you news of product updates. 

Wade Lawrence interviewed for Mobility Management article on seating surfaces

The March issue of Mobility Management magazine featured a story on seating in the bathroom. Our representative Wade Lawrence was interviewed about the seating options with our Ocean shower chairs. Optimal Seating on All Surfaces talks about using the same criteria for choosing the seating surface on your shower chair that you used for your wheelchair choice. Clarke Health Care offers a selection of seating overlays for its Ocean shower chairs. Choosing the appropriate seating surface can reduce the risk of pressure injuries. 

To read the whole article, follow this link to their digital issue.

OceanDual shower chair chosen to accompany Dr Stephen Hawking on recent visit

Tuesday, June 14

Our Aquatec OceanDual shower chair was recently selected for use by Dr Stephen Hawking. An inquiry from Vanity Fair magazine, who in part sponsored his trip, resulted in an OceanDual to accompany Dr Hawking while visiting New York City. The OceanDual, with tilt-in-space and recline positioning, met his personal hygiene needs and matched what he used at home. Dr Hawking was in town to promote a new project, "Breakthrough Starshot", to send Nano space crafts to the nearest star system. 

  • Ocean line of shower chairs is now available on GSA catalog

    Monday, April 11

    Effective Friday April 15, our line of Ocean shower chairs will be available for ordering through the GSA catalog. OceanVIP and Ocean shower commode chairs and accessories will be on FSS contract V797P2067D. 

    Handi-Grip Portable Grab Bars Now Include Suction Indicator

    Thursday, December 20

    Handi-Grip Portable Grab Bars now with suction indicator. Button on housing is a visual and tactile indicator that you have good adhesion to the wall. Suction bars stick to most smooth wall or tub surfaces. Easy to install, position or reposition. Perfect for the traveler or renter. No contractor is needed to add safety equipment to your bathroom. Fixed and telescoping models give you many options for the best fit in your bathroom. 

    Grande Size Toilevator Now Available

    Wednesday, May 30

    Toilevator, elevated toilet base, now comes in Grande size for toilets with longer floor bases. Available in 2 sizes, Toilevator Grande base is 28.5”, standard Toilevator base is 22 3/8”. Base will raise your toilet 3.5”, you sit on your own toilet seat, Stable, clean and safer alternative to raised toilet seats.  Eliminates balance issues that can occur with removable, raised toilet seats. All components for installation are included.

    Kidy Safe Pediatric Restraint System for Ambulance Stretchers

    Thursday, May 27

    Transporting infants and toddlers safely while providing emergency treatment can be a challenge. Young patients are already scared and may be hard to handle without a parent close by. Kidy Safe is an infant sized mat that straps to your stretcher and securely restrains your small patient. The five point harness is easy to adjust for size and yet quickly detached with a central release buckle. The unit rolls up and stuffs into a carry bag to be easily stowed onboard your ambulance. Kidy Safe harness will support children up to 79 pounds.