Veterans Healthcare Products

We are proud to support our nation's veterans. Throughout our website you will see a GSA logo next to products. This signifies that this product is on a government contract. Please ask your local VA Medical facility about these products. They may be available to qualified Veterans. If you already own a Dolomite walker, ask about accessories: Tall Handles to increase the handle height an additional 3" on your Legacy; Slow down brake, so your walker doesn't roll so fast when going downhill Cane Holder to carry your cane or crutch; a Tray with edge, to hold personal or food items; or an Oxygen holder which holds B, C or D size tank securely under the seat. Contract V797P2067D under Patient Mobility contains our Dolomite rollators and Ocean line of shower/commode chairs Contract V797P4185B Medical Equipment and Supplies has our Dynamic Stair Trainer and Aquatec bath lifts..