Healthcare Products

ADL - Staying Independent at Home

A majority of seniors want to spend the rest of their lives in their own home. Clarke HCP has a variety of products to aid in that choice. Keeping you safe at home, helping you to do things easier and making your house accessible are some of the solutions you will find in this section.

Bath Safety

Statistic show that most falls occur in the bathroom. Our line of bathing products can assist you in the bathtub, shower, toileting or general hygiene care. From grab bars to Shower chairs, you and your loved ones can safely take care of their hygiene needs.

Emergency Medical Services

Clarke Health Care has several products to help you provide safe transport or maintain hygienic environment in your vehicle. KidySafe pediatric harness can be a solution when you need to transport a toddler or child without a car seat. The harness attaches to your stretcher or back board to safely secure a child, while allowing you to assess their condition. Our Care Bag line has urinal bags, vomit bags, and wash gloves. The bags collect fluids and convert them to gel and absorb odors. Once used, the bags are easily disposed in the same manner as a diaper. The disposable gloves can clean skin without water and basin. Inquire about a demonstration or more information for your purchasing committee.


To stay independent we need to be mobile. Our line of rollators or walkers with wheels can assist with every day movement around your home, office or outdoors. Portable ramps can be used at home, in the vehicle or public spaces. The youngest travelers can go in style and comfort in a TOM or Corzo stroller. Look through this section to see how we can help you can get around.

Therapy Gym

New technology, helping your clients achieve their potential or saving space, whatever your reason, a Dynamic Stair Trainer is a welcome addition to your clinic. The elevating steps are shown to increase the confidence of the user from day one. Steps that can accommodate their ability makes the therapist's job easier.

Capital Equipment

Are you looking to invest in new gym equipment? A Dynamic Stair Trainer can replace several sets of wooden steps and parallel bars. The electronically elevating steps will help your patients work toward the goals you set. The accessory LHR, 9 foot long hand rails can be used as your parallel bar set. You may need to consider the health and welfare of your employees in your assisted living facility as much as your residents. An OceanEVIP shower chair raises and tilts electronically easing the burden on your employee’s backs while providing a safe environment for their hygiene needs. We can prepare a quote for your budget committee or supply a catalog for your executive purchasing group.


Do you care for someone in their home or yours? Many of our products allow you to more effectively provide your care. Our OceanEVIP was designed with the caregiver in mind. It raises the patient so you don't have to stoop. A bathlift can save your back instead of lifting someone in the tub. The aqua gloves make bathing someone as easy as donning a mitt. Providing assistance doesn't have to mean putting your health at risk.


As the parent of a special needs child, you are looking for quality products that can last. Many of our products have adjustable frames or inserts to grow with your child. Proper positioning can improve their digestion and breathing, provide comfort and safety. Accessories are designed to provide the needed positioning for daily activities like eating, toileting, bathing and traveling. While some products are sized mainly for children and young adults, some can grow with them as they age. Look over the site and talk with your health care professional or therapist for purchase guidance. For more assistance in the decision process use the map to locate a sales representative.

Rehab Seating and Positioning


Are you caring for a parent or grandparent, or recognize that you need more assistance around your home, take a look at our site. Maintaining personal cleanliness without the embarrassment of asking for assistance e is important to our seniors. The bathroom is probably the most dangerous room in your home for your personal safety. Many of our products can provide safe bathing or toileting experience without expensive bathroom remodeling. If moving around the home is troublesome, look at our walkers, add a ramp or place a grab bar in the living area. If your loved one is a veteran, look for the GSA logo next to the products. When you see one, ask your local Veterans medical facility to see if they are eligible for this product.


New technology, smaller footprint, motivating your clients, the DST can do all this. The Dynamic Stair Trainer is a set of steps that will raise and lower as your patient’s needs change. With the accessory Long Hand Rails it can replace 2 pieces of equipment in your clinic. The DST has shown that it can significantly reduce the length of time for your patients to reach their full potential. Clarke Health Care adaptive equipment for home, school or travel, when you are referring seating and positioning for bathing look at the AquatecRSB, safely raises and lowers in the bathtub, reclining back, adjustable side laterals and head support, positioning wedge and abductor, a complete package for a safe bath. Positioning for showering or toileting can be accomplished with a line of reclining, tilt-in-space or electronically elevating Ocean shower chairs. For your pediatric clients traveling around the community, the TOM stroller has a complete line of accessories for positioning at the earliest stages.


We are proud to support our nation's veterans. Throughout our website you will see a GSA logo next to products. This signifies that this product is on a government contract. Please ask your local VA Medical facility about these products. They may be available to qualified Veterans. If you already own a Dolomite walker, ask about accessories: Tall Handles to increase the handle height an additional 3" on your Legacy or new Tall handles for your Maxi add 4"; Slow down brake, so your walker doesn't roll so fast when going downhill Cane Holder to carry your cane or crutch; a Tray with edge, to hold personal or food items; or an Oxygen holder which holds B, C or D size tank securely under the seat. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Contract V797P2067D under Patient Mobility contains our Dolomite rollators, Invacare pickup walkers and Ocean line of shower/commode chairs. Contract V797P4185B Medical Equipment and Supplies has our Dynamic Stair Trainer for therapy clinics and Aquatec bath lifts for home safety.