Vomit Bag CareBagĀ® Hygienic Bag for Personal Use, Pack 20

Item Number: C7733987 by Carebag

gsa advantage
GSA Approved Product

A poly bag with gel pad sized to fit to the mouth. Ideal for emergency operations and in any kind of transportation. Gel pad absorbs liquids and solidifies them into a gel. Absorbs odors too. Use drawstring closure to close and dispose like a diaper. Suitable for both adult and children

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  • Eliminates odors once closed
  • Ideal for emergency transport, Geriatrics and Pediatrics
  • Minimizes exposure to body fluids


Length 9.7 in. Packaging Length 9.7 in.
Width 9.7 in. Packaging Width 2 in.
Height 0.25 in. Packaging Height 5.8 in.
Product Weight 1 lbs. Package Volume 0.05 cu. in.
Outside Packaging 9.7x2x5.8 in. Shipping Weight 2 lbs.
Latex n Product Assembly no
Primary Material PE Primary Color white
U of M pack Unit Quantity 20
Capacity 1 L    

Special Usage

  • Testimonials and special usages in paragraph form to come.

Warranty Information

Manufacturer provides a 30 day warranty against manufacturing defects. Shelf life is 5 years, expiration date is printed on each carton.

Warranty covers cleanis.