Slow Down Brake Jazz 610/510 Jazz slow down brake

Item Number: D1580382 by Dolomite

A slow down brake can be adjusted to put as little or as much tension on the back tires to slow the rollator as needed. A nylon roller applies pressure to the tire to cause drag and slow the wheel rotation. Tightened down it can be used for gait training, Tighten each side independently for stroke patients, to assist walking in a straight line when one side is stronger than the other. Adjust the slow down when walking up or down hills to keep your rollator from rolling too fast.

A nut under the thumb screw can be tightened to lock your tension. Installs on rear fork. Thumb screw adjusts tension on nylon roller. Does not interfere with or affect braking from brake handle. Each side is adjusted independently. Fits Jazz 510 and Jazz 610 models only. Call for slow down information for older Jazz models 

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~ Useful for gait training

~ Control each wheel for stroke patients

~Adjustable tension


Length in. Packaging Length in.
Width in. Packaging Width in.
Height in. Packaging Height in.
Product Weight lbs. Package Volume cu. in.
Outside Packaging in. Shipping Weight lbs.
Latex n Product Assembly installation
Primary Material steel Primary Color grey
U of M pair Unit Quantity 1
Grip Length in. Height Above Bedframe in.
Width Between Arms/Handles in. Fits Diameter in.
Seat Width in. Back Height in.
Back Width in. Seat Depth in.
Seat to Footrest in. Backrest Angle °
Height Seat to Floor in. Seat Angle °
Dimensions (Folded) in.    

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